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The shaved ice sculptures are severed with colorful syrup or over sweet beans. Delicious and artistic! Some of the sculptures look like horses, eagles, and Japanese storks, while others look like flowers. One sculpture is even.

The decor lends itself to the worldly experience: Some walls are draped with multicolored Middle Eastern cloths, others are lined with sculptures. St. Miami Ice’s claim to fame is snow cones with a big, delicious twist. Instead of just.

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The Reveley’s fine diner is sandwiched between a casual eatery. Bahen organic chocolate with sour cream ice cream, salted caramel and peanuts. Picture: Richard Hatherly Dessert is impressive, if crazy-rich. A dome of dark chocolate.

These days, you can’t just have spaghetti bolognaise; you have to make a beef sculpture and serve it on a bed of chocolate soil with shaved brussels sprouts. Do you think a beautiful, perfect ice cream would stay fully formed.

Show your friends you’ve grown up, even if it’s just a little, with these shot glass ice molds for icy cold shots every time. pizza, omelets, or just shaved with bread and cornichons. $17.50 for ½ pound at, or you.

The smells of fresh shaved wood and gasoline waft together as Foltz works on. The logo quickly begins to emerge — from his mind to the wood. Or ice. He is also a master ice carver. It’s this ability to create works of art in both.

An hour or two later, Pearson’s carving skills will have transformed what began as a 50-by-20-by-10-inch chunk of frozen water into a whimsical ice sculpture depicting a sleigh full of puppies. Commissioned by a dog-grooming business,

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Plus 18-year old Scotch, and ice-cold vintage tequila. Plus pancakes and bacon and ice cream and shaved ice cocktails and hundreds. people such as from Mark Lottor and his Cubatron (a light sculpture incorporating 6,144 lights.

Featuring original work in sculpture. ice cream orbs in flavors from cookie dough to banana split. There will be ice cream made on the spot with liquid nitrogen ranging from cookies-and-cream to salted caramel ice cream, fluffy,

On Wednesday, the golden child Blue Ivy Carter turned 3 years old. To celebrate this milestone, her parents Beyoncé and Jay Z gave her an ice sculpture in the shape of a snowflake and a giant balloon in the shape of the number "3.".

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The silken flan with shaved coconut compote was hard to forget. Desserts volleyed between flans, tres leches cakes, ice creams (peach, strawberry, coconut) and puddings. Poached guava in a heavy sugar rode shotgun with a hunk of.

She is a 2,400-year-old ice maiden from Siberia, whose preserved corpse was recently. The most interesting thing was that her head was shaved and she wore a wig and a tall wooden head-dress decorated with cats and swans. This, in.

A new Demoiselle logo was introduced via an elegant ice sculpture. Guests dined on a to-die-for. who is going through her second round of breast cancer.

Monday, December 18 Guests of all ages will refresh their palates with Hawaiian Shaved Ice, the local version of a snow cone. Keiki (children) will be invited to a Christmas party with balloon sculptures and a silent disco where they can.